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Enter our raffle to win a $36,000.
Wyland oil painting!
 (Details p. 4)

Raffle Drawing for the $36,000. painting
will be held at the end of the
All-Star Game
in Atlantic City.

All-Star Game Weekend around July 4th.
will always be in Atlantic City

Make it an annual tradition, class or family re-union!
Let us know and we'll do something special for your group!

Fans, buy common stocks and
 be part-owners of the league
the way fans are part-owners
of the Green Bay Packers!

Buy and give common stocks.
It's the perfect gift for any occassion!

(Read all information carefully before purchasing.)
(Details p. 4)
Remember that there's no law that says
there can't be other leagues.

There's been many others:
the CBA, ABA, ABL, ABO, EBL, IBL, NBL, etc.

& F.A.T.E. Sports Awards

TJ’s NBO - National Basketball Organization ™

 F.A.T.E. stands for Fans-Athletes-Teams & Entertainers.

(Cheerleaders, Mascots, Dancers, Prancers, Announcers, etc)
Trinidad Joe” Allen, Founder & Commissioner & email (305)731-7500


"It's not what you can't do that matters,
it's what you can!"

Trinidad Joe Said So!

"So, what if I can't swim up waterfalls
 or leap tall buildings with a single bound."

I played basketball; and
coached college and high school teams.
    I went to Orlando for the NBA All-Star Weekend.
    I'll post more info and photos on Facebook and Twitter.


I flew to & from the NBA All-Star Game on Southwest Airlines.

Maybe, it wants to be the Official Airline of TJ's NB
since they fly to all the cities that will have teams.

Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut or Little Ceasar's
can be our Official Pizza.

Soon, I'll raffle off an Official TJ's NBO
that hasn't been released to the public as yet
and an autographed copy of my book,
Santa's Key West Vacation.

    This year, I'll publish two more novels,
Santa's Disney Vacations and
The Ponytail Gangsters Revenge.
TJ's NBO - It's Our Time!

When we start the 3rd weekend in June:
College Basketball will be
NBA's D-League season is OVER!
The ABA season is OVER!
(We can get all those players
from these 3 groups.)
Mardi Gras will be OVER!
NBA All-Star Game will be

Pro & college football will be OVER!
Hockey's All-Star Game will be OVER!
Even, the Winter X-Games will be OVER!
The NBA season will be OVER!
That's why - It's Our Time!!!
Trinidad Joe Said So!

"You See What I See!"tm

One point guard on each team will wear
a video camera in a chest band.

Maybe, the
Go Pro Hero Camera

It will be shown on the scoreboard,
on tv, online and on mobile devices.

Fans will see exactly what the player sees
and be in the game!

Imagine you're the point guard leading a fast break
and throwing a lop pass to a teammate for a dunk.

That's an ESPN Top Ten play!

No one else does this!

Our league is here to stay!

We would like our games to be on
other sports networks
as well as on TJTV.
It's the perfect partnership.

Can you help us make this happen?

Maybe, Seth Winter, NBC's Senior VP
of Sales & Marketing can?

Two guys talking sports:
"I like this new NBO.
The name looks like NBC
and it sounds like HBO."
"You mean, The Trinidad Joe NBO?"
"Yeah, TJ's NBO!"

Jim Rome, host of ESPN's "Rome is Burning"
will be doing a show, "Rome",
on CBS Sports.
We could be on it, too!

The season will start soon after the NBA Finals
and end before their next season starts
with our playoffs - “October’s Perfect Storm”.
Our teams will be in non-NBA
cities like
Pittsburg & Cincinnati.
We may start with 16 teams the first year and add others.
The NFL has teams in 14 of our target cities.
MLB and the NHL have 9 each.

So, these are valid markets that can support
big-time major league franchises.
16 teams (max. 32 later) will play 68 games
during the 5-mth. season.

All games are Tues. and Thurs. at 7pm

and Sat. & Sun. at 6pm

All of the tv, cable and radio stations
that carried college, D-League and NBA games
can all show our games now.

All the referees are available, too.

Who will be our Dr. J, Bird, Magic,
Pistol Pete, Tiny & Earl the Pearl?

We are sure that we can easily get players
because there is
no other league in America
that the
thousands of players
can play in at that time!

Everyone will benefit
if we get
players, coaches and teams
from the NBA's D-League

The players get another league to play in
- right here in America -

and make some money.

The coaches get to coach
and make some money.

The NBA benefits because
the players and coaches get
more training and experience.

Plus, their scouts get to see them
right here in America.

By the way, we also benefit
from helping everyone else benefit

Like I said, we can all get along!

Or, imagine that the starting five of the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen
are all seniors and they become the first 16 teams in the NBO.
Instant rivalries!

They’re very good players and
they already know how to play together.
They will be on teams close to their colleges.
Instant fans! That’s for home, away and televised games.

We simply add five more players
(10-man teams) and Instant teams!

Suppose we combine the players from
Duke and
North Carolina
to form the Raleigh team.

And, the same with
Kentucky and Louisville for the Louisville team.
 Likewise, UCLA and USC as the Van Nuys or Anaheim team;
Florida & Fla. State in Jacksonville; etc.
Home games might alternate
between gyms on two campuses
such as Duke & NC or
 Kentucky & Louisville.

They might all be available -
it's only 4 nights every 2 weeks.
Many teams have about 3 seniors with no more eligibility,
 so there'll be 7 roster spots open (if we stick with 10).

If you ask seniors in April,
Now, that your college career is over,
what are you going to do?”

Play in TJ’s NBO!”

Many highly-skilled players who attend NBA try-outs
can't make the teams because
there aren't enough roster spots open.

It's the same for NBA D-League and the ABA players , too.

They might gladly play in our league
after their seasons ends in early April
Maybe, many players on the 16 D-League & many ABA teams
will join the same NBO teams and play together.

Maybe, their coaches will join them

That would be interesting.

Many unsigned NBA players will be willing to play in TJ's NBO!

Maybe Nancy Leiberman would like to be a coach.
I can make it happen.

She's coaching the Texas Legends of the NBA's D-League.
Her son and I are both called TJ.
Maybe, Darryl Dawkins - Chocolate Thunder
and others wanting more coaching experience would do it, too.

I would like Carolyn Peck
to be involved in the league, too.
I also admire her accomplishments.

She won a championship at Purdue
 and coached the Orlando WNBA team.
Basketball is basketball!
We're willing to have women players because we won't have football-style basketball with much better defense and much less fouls.

March Madness fans, many of your new heroes
 will soon be playing in our league.
Come and tailgate at games!
Wear your body paint and morph suits!

has a new ad slogan,
"Basketball Never Stops!"
And, neither do we!


TJ's NBO All-Star Extravaganzatm
with Games, Sports, Tournaments
& Mardi Feststm events in Atlantic City
 every year
are not only diff. from every other sport,
 they're much better!

                                          Trinidad Joe Said So!

Raffle Drawing for the $36,000. painting
will be held at the end of the All-Star Game.

Check out our unique 
Women's Invitational Dunk Contest

Trinidad Joe's Atlantic City Gamestm,
Sports & Tournaments:
Board Games,
Golf, Tennis, 
Bowling, Darts, Poker,
Beer Pong & "Rock, Paper, Scissors".
Bikini Beach Party,
July 4th Celebration & Fireworks

TJ's Jet Ski Boardstm
& other inventions
Book Signings
Trinidad Joe Beer
TJ's NBO Energy Drink - Kokomotm
Drink what our players drink!
Players Talent Showcasetm
& Fraternities Step Show
Maybe Ricky Smiley will host it.
Wheelchair, Unicycle, Streetball & Celebrity Games
Four 3K & 5K Walk/Fun Run,
Roll, Bike, Trike or Skate
Fri. June 29th – Wed. July 4th;
Or until Sun. July 8th
Major events on all 10 nights will start at 5pm
so that they can be shown live
 at 8pm - Prime Time - on the East Coast.

We'll dominate the air waves for 10 nights!
Everyone who used to attend
ESPN the Weekend
is invited to this event.

Present and former pro players
in every sport are invited
to come and register.

They will be awarded a medal at the
F.A.T.E. Sports Awardstm Banquet

And, can march in the Closing Ceremonies Parade.
All celebrities can march, too.
One Mardi Gras a year is not enough!
It's Mardi Festtm time!

It's Vegas, Baby!

Theme Parties & Costume Contests
at Double-Header games on TTSS.

Tues. July 3rd - Wild West
(We'll show the Will Smith video &
the Wild West Dancers from LA will perform.)
Thurs. July 5th - Hawaiian beach party
Sat. July 7th - Toga, Toga
Sun. July 8th - Zombies

First games will start at 5pm and
second ones will start at 8pm.

All 16 teams will play in the 8 games


At our All-Star Game in Las Vegas,    
The Trinidad Joe NBO Slam Dunk & 3 Point Shooting Champs
will challenge all the past & present ones from the
the NBA's D-League, the ABA & the WNBA
Men's & Women's NCAA and NIT
and the MCDonald's HS Boys & Girls
events -
if it doesn't jeopadize their eligibility.
We don't want a Jim Thorpe situation.

Basketball is Basketball!

Can't we all just get along?
Sure, we can!

You're all invited to our party

Special invitation to Nate Robinson
to be in the Slam Dunk Contest.

 Allen Iverson should be on a team
 and at the All-Star Games.
There's another new basketball league called the NBL
or National Basketball League. It's in Canada.
Some former NBA players are in it.
They're invited, too.
So are all the other leagues in the world!
Aside from the Olympics,
this is the only time & place you can see all these teams.

And, the Olympics doesn't have
3-Point Shooting & Slam Dunk Contests.

You don’t want to miss this! No Excuses

Games, Concerts, Costume Contests, Parties & Big Beach Fun!

Stick around for all ten days and nights and enjoy
 FOUR more Games, lots more Events, Parties and FUN!

Fri, June 30th - Sun, July 8th
Wed. is July 4th.

Can you hang with the Big Dogs & Party Pros?

Come for some or all!

Special Travel, Sports &
Entertainment Packages available!

Air, hotel, cars, limos, tours, floor shows,
 games, concerts, party tickets & lots more.

Book directly with us for the best prices!
Your grandchildren will tell their grandchildren about this!
Just like the first Super Bowl.
It's too late for that but not for this.

Start a new annual family tradition!
F.A.T.E. Sports Awardstm Banquet:
Distinguished Award to
Dr. J & the last ABA Champs - the Nets

Win Game Tickets:
In the Guestbook on the last page;
Name the other 3 ABA teams
that joined the NBA at that time

    One winner will be chosen from  all correct entries for a pair of tickets to a regular season NBO game of his/her choice

(Full TEN DAY schedule of events on p. 2 & 4)

Every sports outlet, radio and tv show
 needs to know about our new league.

Play begins in April 2012.

This project has been in the works for several years.
We almost called it the SSMPBL -
The Spring & Summer Men’s Professional Basketball League.
We like NBO. It’s like HBO.
How about you?


We’ll kick it off the playoffs with the
Labor Day Weekend Playoffs Spectacular.

There'll be games six nights a week.
Five rounds of the best 2 out of 3.
Some games will be Thurs, Sat. & maybe Mon.
Others will be Fri, Sun, & maybe Tues.

"On The Go with TJ's NBO" Highlights Show
 will be on Wild Wednesdaystm.

The playoffs will have these fun events:
Selection Sunday, Bracketology,
Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four,
‘The Best of the Rest Challenge’tm - it’s like the NIT,
two Lucky Losers Last Chance Contests
and ends with The Tournament of Champions
or "The Super Games"tm.

    The league might own one or all teams the first year, like the NBA is operating the New Orleans Hornets for the second year -
and sell them like franchises in coming years.

    This way, we can get off to a faster, smoother start.
Plus, teams will have a
better chance of succeeding
and not folding or re-locating,
as happens in many leagues - old and new.

    Owners will get a smoothly-functioning enterprise.
    Investors will also benefit!
    It's a win-win-win situation!
    An example of what a season would look like,
using 2012’s calendar, is attached.

It’s just to give you an idea of how we would like to do it.

We created some desired instant rivalries
which would be fun if they come true.
 We need fans, owners, investors,
workers, players, coaches & sponsors

Team auctions soon!
(Details will be posted on page 4)

We’ll soon be on Facebook & Twitter.

Our theme songs will be "TJ's NBO Boogie"tm
(Make it your Ringtone)
"Ain't No Stopping Us Now" by McFadden & Whitehead,
  "We're coming to your city!" by Big & Rich,
"We will, we will rock you, rock you!"
& "This is how we do it!"
Learn the song and how to dance "TJ's NBO Boogie"tm!
Words/Lyrics on p. 4
Dance steps & video will be posted soon.

Make a video with friends
and post it on YouTube & Facebook

Win Prizes!
Enter it in our monthly contest.

We'll be having try-outs for
"TJ's NBO Boogie Band & Dancerstm"!

We want flashy, energetic performers
like in Earth, Wind & Fire.
Be the first one on your block
to join TJ's NBO Fan Club!

Be a Founding Member!
Start a chapter!
Be the President!

Collect Trading Cards, especially Rookie cards & Thunder Sticks!
T-shirts, caps, backpacks and other goodies coming soon.

All-Star Game Weekend around July 4th.
will always be in Las Vegas.

Make it an annual tradition, class or family re-union!
Let us know and we'll do something special for your group!

During Orange Bowl Football Week in Miami,
there are basketball games and sailing contests.
That's what our All-Star Mega-Event is like!
We're inviting the NBA & NCAA men's & women's champs, Justin Beiber, Toby Keith, P. Diddy, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Pit Bull, Jay Z & Beyonce, Usher, Lady Gaga, Shaq, E J, Kenny Smith, Sir Charles, Dr. J, The Fab Five,
50 Cents and many others to take part in our All-Star Weekend. 


In future years, we'll get new players the same way -
plus, many former pros from all the leagues in the world.
Yes, including the NBA.

    Whenever Steve Nash and Dirk stop playing in the NBA,
 maybe we'll re-unite them on a team.

    Maybe, A.I. - Allen Iverson,
T.O. - Terrell Owens
who can both still play ball,
will play in our league.

This is our recipe for success.
What do you think?

Tell us in the Guestbook
Future foreign players, who would be like
Nash, Manu Ginobili, Dirk, Nene and Tony Parker,
will be drafted by various teams.
of our teams will play special games
Memorial Day Weekend honoring the military.
    Maybe, the San Diego and Anaheim teams will be able to do like the one played Veteran's Day,
 on the aircraft carrier.

Details will be regularly posted on our website.          
We would like to use this red and black
Nike ball with the big swoosh.

We also like their sneakers,
uniforms and other athletic apparel.

Don't you think all our players
and coaches would look good in them?

Phil Knight, the chairman and co-founder of Nike might agree.

We’re trying to contact them now.
Can anyone help us do this, please?

Are you ready? I am!

    We want rivalries like Magic’s team vs Shaq’s; Letterman’s vs Leno’s; Coke’s vs Pepsi’s; Bud Light vs. Miller Lite; Ford vs. Chevy; ESPN vs TNT, ABC vs NBC, UPS vs. Fed Ex; Papa John’s vs. Domino, Disney vs. Universal Studios, American Airlines vs. Delta; Que vs Kappa

    16 or 20 teams in these 35 NON-NBA cities will play in four conferences.


                                            CITIES & TEAMS

EAST                        Suggested Names

1) Baltimore, Md.               Bad Boys

2) Hartford, Ct.                    Gladiators
3) Trenton, NJ                       Jersey Tigers

4) Long Island             Lizards

5) Harrisburg, Pa.              Hound Dogs

6) Atlantic City, NJ            Gamblers

7) Syracuse NY                      Scorpions

8) Albany, NY                         Acrobats

9) Buffalo, NY              Broncos
10) Queens, NY           Reptiles


1) Las Vegas: Magicians - The Flagship Franchise;
will be operated by the NBO; like a demo;

2) San Diego, Ca.          Sharks

3) Anaheim, Ca.            Acrobats

4) Sherman Oaks, Ca.    Ninjas

5) Tucson, Az.              Arizona Rattlers 
Albuquerque, NM            Road Runners
Tulsa, Ok.                Tarantulas

8) Seattle, Wa.              Snakes

9) San Jose, Ca.            Dragons

10) El Paso, Tx.             Gila Monsters


1) Raleigh, NC - example of team set-up below    T-Rex

2) Richmond, Va.                   Virginia Rhinos

3) Charleston, SC                   Sea Creatures

4) Jacksonville, Fla.             Jackals

5) Athens, Ga.               Georgia Wild Boars
6) Tampa, Fla.                          Terrors
7) Baton Rouge, LA        Lizards
8) Tuscalosa, Al             Alligators


1) Pittsburg, Pa.                        Panthers

2) Cincinnati, Oh.            Cougars

3) Louisville, Ky.             Leopards
Kansas City, Ks/Mo.     King Cobras

5) St. Louis, Mo.                       Stingers

6) Knoxville, Tn.                         Komodo Dragons

7) Nashville, Tn.                         Nasties


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